Project: Manchester Pacific Gateway (2017)    

Client: Manchester Financial Group

Work Performed:

  • Asbestos & Lead Remediation
  • Building Demolition

Project Description: AMG was contracted to demolish the two existing structures at the existing Navy Broadway Complex to kickoff the $1.3B Manchester Pacific Gateway Project located along San Diego’s Downtown waterfront. The larger of the two structures, Building #12, was built during World War II for the Pacific Theater as a storage facility for the Navy. The 60,000 SF footprint of Building #12 stood 126′ tall to its highest point and its floors were 10″ thick concrete slabs supported by interconnecting shear walls from 1′ to 3.5′ thick in some areas. Due to its location on Harbor Drive and close proximity to the waterfront and public AMG implemented a “Floor by Floor” demolition methodology where small to mid sized equipment was craned onto the rooftop of the structure and each concrete floor and walls were demolished down to the floor below. Each structure was safely demolished to the ground while protecting the nearby buildings and the public. All construction and concrete debris were sorted, segregate, and recycled producing an overall recycling rating of 99.2% for the project.

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