AMG Demolition & Environmental Service, Inc. is a San Diego based, woman-owned business founded in 2002. We provide comprehensive, turn-key solutions, including, but not limited to, structural, interior and selective demolition, asbestos and lead remediation, general contracting, earthwork & mass excavation. Specializing in both environmental and demolition services, AMG is recognized as one of the most talented, one-stop demolition companies in Southern California. We have longstanding partnerships with highly reputable contractors within the business and continue to prove ourselves as a team at the forefront of some of the most complex projects in the industry.

AMG photo of family at Manchester Pacific Gateway


AMG offers a comprehensive package of services that specialize in structural demolition, selective and interior demolition, asbestos and lead remediation, earthwork & mass excavation, contaminated soil remediation, salvaging and recycling.

Our team of demolition and environmental experts will remediate or demolish any structure safely and cost-effectively no matter the size or complexity. All work is completed in compliance with environmental and OSHA regulations.




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Industry Partners

As a family business for over 20+ years, we pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s
expectations and value to maintain strong relationship with ALL of our clients and partners.

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AMG regularly and actively engages in current industry trends and regulations, exchanges ideas and
expands our knowledge of the demolition and remediation profession through our connections

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We are proud to be recognized for our expertise and involvement in the latest
demolition projects in Southern California.