U.S. Federal Courthouse

Hensel Phelps Construction

Work Performed
Building Structure Demolition
Hazardous Materials Abatement
Mass Excavation

U.S. Federal Courthouse

AMG was contracted to perform the mass excavation and export of approximately 90,000 cubic yards of soil for the new U.S. Federal Courthouse in downtown San Diego. Using multiple hydraulic excavators ranging from 80,000 to 155,000 lbs, AMG exported on average 2,300 to 3,000 cy per day on this giant city block excavation. In the process of mass excavation, about 3,000 tons of contaminated soil was handled, profiled, and exported to legal, classified landfills. AMG also performed all of the structural footing excavation for the new foundations.

In an impressive 12 weeks, AMG completed the entire excavation & export of 90,000 cy including the matt & structural footing excavation, and the finish sub-grade pads without any injuries and on schedule.